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    ——— Company Profile ———

        Kunshan Kenda-OMT Fuel Injection System Co., Ltd. (“OMK”) was founded in 2017 and is located in the economic development area of Kunshan. It is a Joint Venture company which supplies high-pressure fuel injection equipment for large marine diesel engines, and it was established by Kunshan Kenda Machinery Co., Ltd. together with OMT Officine Meccaniche Torino S.p.A. from Italy.
        In 2017, OMK launched a new-generation high pressure double-wall pipe for the MAN L23/30 medium-speed engine. This double-wall pipe was developed by OMT and complies with the SOLAS safety standards. Based on its first-class manufacturing quality and proven reliability OMK’s double-wall pipe design has already received the approval from MAN Diesel & Turbo. and got WinGD's supplier approval in October of 2019 In a next step OMK’s fuel pipe portfolio will be extended to further medium-speed engine models of the leading engine brands.  

        Based on the powerful combination of OMT’s leading technology in the field of advanced fuel injection systems and Kenda’s outstanding manufacturing philosophy, OMK is the supplier of choice for first-class high-pressure double wall pipes which guarantee top performance, highest safety and long lifetime on your engine.

    ? 2018 Kunshan Kenda-OMT Fuel Injection System Co Ltd
    Add:No.67, Jinyang East Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China Tel:+86-512-57671541 Fax:+86-512-57678603 Email:diqiu.li@kenda-omt.cn