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    Date:2018-3-27 11:14:05 Hits:1180
    certain tensile stress, bending when using effect and thinning, its products inside compressive stress, its role and thickening.

    Pipe bending processing materials of the lateral tensile, compression of the inside of the neutral axis location is different and pipe bending method, when he worked in top bending type neutral axis in about a third from the outer wall, while she was working in a rotating curved neutral axis in two-thirds from the outer wall.
    Bend bend tire accuracy to a certain extent will directly affect the quality of the bend, we bend in making tyres, in addition to the specification and size requirements of control in a certain tolerance range, at the same time when they will ask users in the use of the foundation of effective bending pipe size its corresponding bending.
    Pipe bending process of its own flexible performance and corrosion on the surface of the situation, in the process of use will also directly affect the quality of pipe bending, in the process of site construction, the operator can effectively according to its material and processing performance of the bent pipe processed and corrosion on the surface of the judgment.
    Traditional enterprise in the process of production, in order to be able to get the better of bend surface quality and the processing will take a lot of method, which USES its strength will be effective including the higher molds and high-grade pipe bender or lubrication products, etc.
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