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    Date:2018-3-27 11:14:48 Hits:1295

    A can be widely used in heavy vehicles, engineering machinery in areas such as new type cab flip agencies dedicated high-pressure tubing, recently developed successfully, and achieved national patent technology.

    New product has wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, resistant to high pressure, easy to use features. Its inner USES plastic pipe body, the outer wall cladding fiber braid and polyurethane layer in turn, has made the tubing stiffness, and have certain flexibility, high pressure deformation and acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance difference strong sex, the advantages of 120 ℃ to 50 ℃ low temperature and high temperature, replacement of repair is also very convenient. Its fiber braid for multi-layer composite, the structure is stronger, especially the plastic tube body and between fiber braid, fiber braid and polyurethane interlayer bonding layer respectively, make the tube a more excellent overall performance.
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