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    The choice of the high pressure oil pipe engineering applications

    Everyone know high-pressure tubing is essential to engineering machinery and accessories, in order to better complete the project, will usually choose high pric…

    The cud of high-pressure tubing when using technical requirements

    High-pressure tubing not produce finished goods can directly use, under the technical support must understand its use requirement, or improper operation will re…

    Production technology of meandering bend

    increasingly advanced, small make up today are mainly introduced to bend in the production process.A tube of a mold. For a tube, whether there are several bent,…

    High pressure oil pipe is not clear what problem will appear for a long time

    reference.1, if the high pressure oil pipe cleaning will cause the hydraulic oil pollution, contamination of hydraulic oil will block the hydraulic components, …

    Pipe bending process standards and regulations

    Nowadays the bent pipe is widely used in electric power, petroleum, Marine, chemical industry and other fields, mainly including oil, gas, infusion effect, whic…

    High pressure oil pipe joint connection

    At the time of installation of high pressure oil pipe, ignore of high pressure oil pipe joint connection, which can lead to us at the time of use, the oil leaka…

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